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Since Nike became the NFL sponsor, has been trying to get rid of the bad reputation on the NFL jersey. Last year NFL had launched a new Color Rush jersey, up and down the same color, a total of eight teams have been used in the game. Today,wholesale authentic jerseys free shipping, Nike officially launched the league’s 32 teams of Color Rush jersey, some jerseys look very trendy, there are some jerseys and ordinary style is not very different. In order to meet the launch of the new jersey, starting from the second week, each round of competition will have a game against both sides will use Color Rush style jerseys. Last year, the first to use this shirt to play the game against the team are Buffalo Bill and New York jets, when the two teams on the field a red and green, was ridiculed as a disability (red and green blind) game. I do not know the 32 different colors, whether it will be like the name of Color Rush, give people the impact? Yesterday Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskine game ended, Steelers 38:16 easy to win, Steelers outside took over Antonio – Brown is very easy to complete the 8 catch scored 126 yards 2 touchdowns. The whole game Brown are basically the face of Bashaude – Burland’s man-mark, rather than the introduction of the red leather corner angle Josh – Norman, after the interview, Brown said Norman would like a On a single defense against himself, but he is not on the side of Brown’s attack, Brown think this should be the red coaching staff’s decision, but even if the two after the game or exchange jerseys. Full match Brown and Norman only played in the first half of the time, that Brown try to beat Norman catch the ball, but did not succeed. Cowboy star players, outside the hand DeZi – Bryant in an interview also said that he was very much like the red horns of the Josh – Norman dispute. This weekend the cowboy to continue the East civil war, in the face of the giant only made eight yards of the district, he has fully inspired his own war. “I can not wait, we’re going to fight on the same side, and we’re all looking forward to a good shot” Dez-Brian, “he said. Especially in 2013, 2014 selected All-Star professional bowl, but last season he was very stunned to stop injury

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Russell Wilson lost the most recent Super Bowl, but he’s still the king in jersey sales. NFL Players Inc. (NFL) announced on Monday that it would be the top player in official licensing sales in fiscal year 2015, from March 1, 2014 to February 28, 2008.
Wilson beat Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (Peyton Manning), who ranked second for second consecutive year.Russell Wilson Jersey,Can let Manning is pleased that his shaking his head baby product sales ranked first. Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Rodgers are among three to five. Dez Bryant (Dez Bryant) ranked sixth, he is the highest non-quarterback players. Richard Sherman (seventh) is the highest defensive player.
From the sales point of view, Seahawks is still the most popular team. Wilson, Sherman and Marshawn Lynch, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, the top three. Even though Odell Beckham Jr., who was the rookie of the year, was No. 20 in terms of sales, he was not the best-selling rookie. You guessed that the best jersey sales rookie is despite rookie season performance is still poor top ten Johnny Manzell (Johnny Manziel). If he can get and rank next season as high standard of performance, which will mean that the Cleveland Brown quarterback can quickly reverse his career. In today’s NFL, the Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys, as the core of the Washington Wizards, John – Johnson also went to watch the game, but this time Wal-Mart is to support the Dallas cowboy, he was wearing a The former Cowboys star Amy Smith – No. 22 shirt, standing in the Cowboys cheer camp, Wall also took over with the Cowboys Dyers – Bryant embraced. In fact, Wall has been a loyal Dallas cowboy fans, according to Wall revealed that his mother has been a cowboy fans, so he has been even behind the cowboy, even if the Cowboys guest in Washington, he is still turning back Support the team. Wall this time that his position also led to dissatisfaction with many Wizards fans, after all, the Redskins and Cowboys has been a sworn enemy, Wal-Mart now supports the cowboys in the site of Washington, which is open with the city For the enemy. Coincidentally, another Wizards Gemini – Bradley – Bill is also a supporter of the Cowboys, he also posted on their social networking sites Cowboy Star Alite post moves photos, the The support, Bill and Elliott grew up in St. Louis grew up, and now the Cowboys came to Washington, Bill, Bill will naturally say something.

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Many fans seem to be a recent NBA decision to hurt the feelings, that is, next season NBA jerseys began to place ads. In the recent hot US users on “you accept NBA jerseys advertising” vote, as of press time, a total of 14,095 people participated in, only 15% accepted, 85% of the people voted against. We believe that, NBA jerseys “sovereignty” brutally brutal trampled trampled advertisers, this last sacred territory also declared the break. Tucao to Tucao, think about it, a team loyalty will not be canceled because of the palm of the shirt ads like the attention of the team, and even ordinary fans, living in this ad is full of infiltration in every corner of the world, Do you really believe that this will lead to the Union’s audience rating or attendance decline? I am afraid it is unlikely.cheap nba jerseys, Over the past two years, President Xiao Hua has been the success of European football as a model case. From the 50s of last century, Uruguay’s football club came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising landing jerseys, when almost every European league, fans, officials, teams are dismissive of this, to defend a party to Pure Land. Until the 70s of last century, people gradually found that advertising upper body is not so terrible, to bring additional benefits to the team at the same time, but also not on the team’s own brand value and the fans agree to bring much destruction. Today, the advertising brand has swept the European Football League jerseys, and even “overwhelming”, placed in the middle of the most prominent position of the shirt, and the team’s logo was “squeezed” to the top left of the shirt a small area. Data show that the top European soccer league last year in jerseys advertising revenues totaled 930 million US dollars, including the Premier League up to $ 370 million, and the remaining 560 million from the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Serie A and Armor. For such a huge commercial value of the blue ocean, the NBA can not not jealous, this piece of advertising is expected to bring the NBA $ 150 million annual revenue growth, accounting for about 3% of its total revenue, half of the team, Flow into the Union set up the “pool of funds” in storage. Of course, NBA dare not aggressive, Union low-key act, still put the team name in the middle, and choose a 6.35 cm X6.35 cm square shirt top left position placed ads, and Nike brand (to replace Adidas’s new NBA jerseys Sponsor) symmetry. Advertising upper body is not a whim, this idea has been premeditated for a long time, Xiao Hua over the past two years continue to express this trend “can not be avoided.” WNBA in 2009 began to put ads on jerseys, and this year in Toronto’s 2016 All-Star Game, NBA has Kia’s logo on the shirt above. In addition, the Union said that this approach to try to run for 3 years, this is a good tactic of delaying the soldiers, especially to the super-fans who stairs, the meaning is Do not worry, we just test, after a good discussion. But after 3 years of countless TV network new media moisturizing silent exposure, the fans of the viewing habits, spending habits will once again be finalized, then put a small box of ads out of jerseys may even be considered Vexatious, not to mention when 3 years, hundreds of millions of dollars into the Union, the team and the players pocket, then the pocket and then cover it I’m afraid is not realistic.

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Since Nike became the NFL sponsor, has been trying to get rid of the NFL jerseys on the bad reputation. Last year the NFL had launched a new Color Rush jersey, up and down the same color, a total of eight teams in the game have been used. Today, Nike officially launched the league’s 32 teams Color Rush jersey, some jerseys looked very trendy, there are some jerseys and little difference between the usual style. In order to meet the new jersey launch, starting from the second week,arizona cardinals jersey, each game will have a game against both sides will use the Color Rush style jerseys. Last year, the first team to use this shirt against the team were Buffalo Bill and New York Jets, when the two teams on the field of red and green, once ridiculed as discriminating against the disabled (red green color blind) game. I do not know this 32 different colors, whether it will be the name of Color Rush as a shock to bring it? Yesterday, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins end of the game, Steelers 38:16 easily win, Steelers took over the star Anthony – Brown is very easy to complete 8 times to catch the ball 126 yards 2 touchdowns. Brown is basically the face of the whole game Bacho De – Blandin’s man-mark, rather than the introduction of the red-horned astronomical cornerback Josh – Norman, an interview after the game, Brown said to Norman would like a On a single anti-their own, but he is not offensive side of Brown, Brown believes that this should be the decision of the red coaching staff, but even so after the two exchanged jerseys. Brown and Norman played only in the first half when the Browns try to beat Norman to catch the ball, but did not succeed.

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December 12, 2013, Intel officially released the official press release said, Intel and Barcelona football club reached a sponsorship agreement. Intel will be the official technical partner of FC Barcelona. At the same time Intel Inside logo will be printed in the Barcelona Football Club shirt inside the first partner logo. December 14th Spanish League game, the Barcelona football club players will be the first to wear a new shirt against Villarreal team. The first step in Intel’s official press release is to provide the latest technology for the La Masia Youth Camp students to offer the latest 2-in-1 products powered by Intel technology for Barcelona FC players and coaches to help them improve their research and training Armed with the new technology, the Nou Camp stadium, to enhance the fans of the viewing experience, and many other events sponsored by the project, Barcelona FC Barcelona (FC Barcelona) jersey sponsor “advertising” are also high cost. wholesale nfl jerseys,As a general sponsor, of course, hope that the location of their own LOGO, the more glorious the better. However, there is such a sponsor, its taste “very special”, and choose to print their own LOGO to the inside of the shirt. Yes, it is – Intel! Canton Fair turnover this year, the first decline in nearly three years, for three consecutive years, “Boli” so that some exhibitors difficult situation. Exhibitors said the European and American markets continued to weaken, the trade surplus continued to narrow the trend of growth, such a situation is not surprising, the transition is the direction of nearly two years, the company has opened a domestic production line, specifically for network distribution And wholesale. Hai Ze source on the Garment Co., Ltd. is such a foreign trade from domestic trade just two months, sales have broken from a single hundred single-power distribution business of the enterprise. According to reports, 2K Sports announced today that players who book “NBA 2K11” at GameStop prior to Oct. 4 will receive an exclusive Jordan Bulls “virtual” jersey for free. It should be stressed that the free virtual jersey only in the “NBA 2K11” book during the gift, will not be available after the sale. Subscribers can download the jersey from the Microsoft Xbox Live or Sony PlayStation Home online community, Xbox 360 users will receive the Jordan Red Bulls jersey, PS users will receive the white Bulls jersey. Specific time as of the United States Central Daylight Time on October 4 11 am, “NBA 2K11” will be October 5 landing the major gaming platforms, it is in the GameStop booking price of 59.99 US dollars.

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Bogba and Ibrahimovic is Manchester United this summer, the most important two signings, the Red Devils for the return of the wave of hegemony took 89 million pounds of astronomical, and free transfer to join Ibrahimovic also up to 200,000 pounds. The two have a high popularity of players to join Manchester United, also contributed to the growth of jersey sales, sports retailer Sports Direct published data, Bogba and Ibrahimovic’s shirt is selling the best. In the third and fourth is Sanchez and Ozil two Arsenal star, Liverpool (data) attack hand Kudiniao ranked fifth. In the top 10 players in the jersey sales,cheap nfl jerseys, including Degea, Mane, Paje, Azar and Rushford, and as one of the Premier League giants Manchester City (data) is no player list. The national football the day before yesterday in Xi’an at home 0 to 1 defeat to Syria, the 12 strong group stage three rounds of 1 2 negative ranking penultimate second, so the performance was outside vocal opposition. Although the official football microblogging after the game the night after the release of the article, thanks to fans, and self-encouragement, said “raised his head, we continue to fight,” the fans do not buy it, once again dug Guozu Guanwei more than three years ago that “I’m sorry,” Bowen sarcasm Kunitari. However, the FIFA official website of the author of “the Syrian battle between the last laugh, hope rekindle”, said the Chinese team is the pressure to beat. The face of the group stage the most promising opponents of the Syrian team, the national football audience did not even create a scoring opportunity, but rather the defense with the error sent out empty door gift. In the team lost to the weakest opponent, the national football three games only to get 1 point, has been behind Iran, South Korea up to 6 points. From the current point of view, the national football team qualifying situation is not optimistic, while another game, the Iranian team 1 to 0 away to win Uzbekistan, the latter plot 6 points to occupy the group the third. The next round, the national football will be away to Uzbekistan, if the national football can not score from Tashkent, qualifying prospects will be more remote. FIFA official website analysis, said the current round of three games are hard-fought, brave Syria beat sits at home in China, re-ignite the group stage qualifying hope. Mahmoud Maas scored the only goal of the game, for Syria team took three points under the sweat horse. The first two rounds, the two teams have only got one point, the first half after a goalless draw, Gao Hongbo the team was obviously the pressure exerted by the audience beat, because the Chinese team is looking forward to a good start. “Failed to achieve three points, the process played very hard, but the results can not be accepted,” the Chinese Football Association Executive Committee Yuhong Chen believes that although the national football is in a difficult position, but the goal is still strive to qualify this month 11th national football away to Uzbekistan Stein team, need to adjust the mentality in the short term, “there are 7 games, we still have to go all out, never give up.As long as there is a glimmer of hope, the whole team will do 100% effort to win. Said that although the national football three games is a level two negative, but now discuss Gao Hongbo get out of class is too early.

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