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Many fans seem to be a recent NBA decision to hurt the feelings, that is, next season NBA jerseys began to place ads. In the recent hot US users on “you accept NBA jerseys advertising” vote, as of press time, a total of 14,095 people participated in, only 15% accepted, 85% of the people voted against. We believe that, NBA jerseys “sovereignty” brutally brutal trampled trampled advertisers, this last sacred territory also declared the break. Tucao to Tucao, think about it, a team loyalty will not be canceled because of the palm of the shirt ads like the attention of the team, and even ordinary fans, living in this ad is full of infiltration in every corner of the world, Do you really believe that this will lead to the Union’s audience rating or attendance decline? I am afraid it is nba jerseys, Over the past two years, President Xiao Hua has been the success of European football as a model case. From the 50s of last century, Uruguay’s football club came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising landing jerseys, when almost every European league, fans, officials, teams are dismissive of this, to defend a party to Pure Land. Until the 70s of last century, people gradually found that advertising upper body is not so terrible, to bring additional benefits to the team at the same time, but also not on the team’s own brand value and the fans agree to bring much destruction. Today, the advertising brand has swept the European Football League jerseys, and even “overwhelming”, placed in the middle of the most prominent position of the shirt, and the team’s logo was “squeezed” to the top left of the shirt a small area. Data show that the top European soccer league last year in jerseys advertising revenues totaled 930 million US dollars, including the Premier League up to $ 370 million, and the remaining 560 million from the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Serie A and Armor. For such a huge commercial value of the blue ocean, the NBA can not not jealous, this piece of advertising is expected to bring the NBA $ 150 million annual revenue growth, accounting for about 3% of its total revenue, half of the team, Flow into the Union set up the “pool of funds” in storage. Of course, NBA dare not aggressive, Union low-key act, still put the team name in the middle, and choose a 6.35 cm X6.35 cm square shirt top left position placed ads, and Nike brand (to replace Adidas’s new NBA jerseys Sponsor) symmetry. Advertising upper body is not a whim, this idea has been premeditated for a long time, Xiao Hua over the past two years continue to express this trend “can not be avoided.” WNBA in 2009 began to put ads on jerseys, and this year in Toronto’s 2016 All-Star Game, NBA has Kia’s logo on the shirt above. In addition, the Union said that this approach to try to run for 3 years, this is a good tactic of delaying the soldiers, especially to the super-fans who stairs, the meaning is Do not worry, we just test, after a good discussion. But after 3 years of countless TV network new media moisturizing silent exposure, the fans of the viewing habits, spending habits will once again be finalized, then put a small box of ads out of jerseys may even be considered Vexatious, not to mention when 3 years, hundreds of millions of dollars into the Union, the team and the players pocket, then the pocket and then cover it I’m afraid is not realistic.

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