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arizona cardinals jersey

Since Nike became the NFL sponsor, has been trying to get rid of the NFL jerseys on the bad reputation. Last year the NFL had launched a new Color Rush jersey, up and down the same color, a total of eight teams in the game have been used. Today, Nike officially launched the league’s 32 teams Color Rush jersey, some jerseys looked very trendy, there are some jerseys and little difference between the usual style. In order to meet the new jersey launch, starting from the second week,arizona cardinals jersey, each game will have a game against both sides will use the Color Rush style jerseys. Last year, the first team to use this shirt against the team were Buffalo Bill and New York Jets, when the two teams on the field of red and green, once ridiculed as discriminating against the disabled (red green color blind) game. I do not know this 32 different colors, whether it will be the name of Color Rush as a shock to bring it? Yesterday, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins end of the game, Steelers 38:16 easily win, Steelers took over the star Anthony – Brown is very easy to complete 8 times to catch the ball 126 yards 2 touchdowns. Brown is basically the face of the whole game Bacho De – Blandin’s man-mark, rather than the introduction of the red-horned astronomical cornerback Josh – Norman, an interview after the game, Brown said to Norman would like a On a single anti-their own, but he is not offensive side of Brown, Brown believes that this should be the decision of the red coaching staff, but even so after the two exchanged jerseys. Brown and Norman played only in the first half when the Browns try to beat Norman to catch the ball, but did not succeed.