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Bogba and Ibrahimovic is Manchester United this summer, the most important two signings, the Red Devils for the return of the wave of hegemony took 89 million pounds of astronomical, and free transfer to join Ibrahimovic also up to 200,000 pounds. The two have a high popularity of players to join Manchester United, also contributed to the growth of jersey sales, sports retailer Sports Direct published data, Bogba and Ibrahimovic’s shirt is selling the best. In the third and fourth is Sanchez and Ozil two Arsenal star, Liverpool (data) attack hand Kudiniao ranked fifth. In the top 10 players in the jersey sales,cheap nfl jerseys, including Degea, Mane, Paje, Azar and Rushford, and as one of the Premier League giants Manchester City (data) is no player list. The national football the day before yesterday in Xi’an at home 0 to 1 defeat to Syria, the 12 strong group stage three rounds of 1 2 negative ranking penultimate second, so the performance was outside vocal opposition. Although the official football microblogging after the game the night after the release of the article, thanks to fans, and self-encouragement, said “raised his head, we continue to fight,” the fans do not buy it, once again dug Guozu Guanwei more than three years ago that “I’m sorry,” Bowen sarcasm Kunitari. However, the FIFA official website of the author of “the Syrian battle between the last laugh, hope rekindle”, said the Chinese team is the pressure to beat. The face of the group stage the most promising opponents of the Syrian team, the national football audience did not even create a scoring opportunity, but rather the defense with the error sent out empty door gift. In the team lost to the weakest opponent, the national football three games only to get 1 point, has been behind Iran, South Korea up to 6 points. From the current point of view, the national football team qualifying situation is not optimistic, while another game, the Iranian team 1 to 0 away to win Uzbekistan, the latter plot 6 points to occupy the group the third. The next round, the national football will be away to Uzbekistan, if the national football can not score from Tashkent, qualifying prospects will be more remote. FIFA official website analysis, said the current round of three games are hard-fought, brave Syria beat sits at home in China, re-ignite the group stage qualifying hope. Mahmoud Maas scored the only goal of the game, for Syria team took three points under the sweat horse. The first two rounds, the two teams have only got one point, the first half after a goalless draw, Gao Hongbo the team was obviously the pressure exerted by the audience beat, because the Chinese team is looking forward to a good start. “Failed to achieve three points, the process played very hard, but the results can not be accepted,” the Chinese Football Association Executive Committee Yuhong Chen believes that although the national football is in a difficult position, but the goal is still strive to qualify this month 11th national football away to Uzbekistan Stein team, need to adjust the mentality in the short term, “there are 7 games, we still have to go all out, never give up.As long as there is a glimmer of hope, the whole team will do 100% effort to win. Said that although the national football three games is a level two negative, but now discuss Gao Hongbo get out of class is too early.