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Russell Wilson Jersey

Russell Wilson lost the most recent Super Bowl, but he’s still the king in jersey sales. NFL Players Inc. (NFL) announced on Monday that it would be the top player in official licensing sales in fiscal year 2015, from March 1, 2014 to February 28, 2008.
Wilson beat Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (Peyton Manning), who ranked second for second consecutive year.Russell Wilson Jersey,Can let Manning is pleased that his shaking his head baby product sales ranked first. Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Rodgers are among three to five. Dez Bryant (Dez Bryant) ranked sixth, he is the highest non-quarterback players. Richard Sherman (seventh) is the highest defensive player.
From the sales point of view, Seahawks is still the most popular team. Wilson, Sherman and Marshawn Lynch, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, the top three. Even though Odell Beckham Jr., who was the rookie of the year, was No. 20 in terms of sales, he was not the best-selling rookie. You guessed that the best jersey sales rookie is despite rookie season performance is still poor top ten Johnny Manzell (Johnny Manziel). If he can get and rank next season as high standard of performance, which will mean that the Cleveland Brown quarterback can quickly reverse his career. In today’s NFL, the Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys, as the core of the Washington Wizards, John – Johnson also went to watch the game, but this time Wal-Mart is to support the Dallas cowboy, he was wearing a The former Cowboys star Amy Smith – No. 22 shirt, standing in the Cowboys cheer camp, Wall also took over with the Cowboys Dyers – Bryant embraced. In fact, Wall has been a loyal Dallas cowboy fans, according to Wall revealed that his mother has been a cowboy fans, so he has been even behind the cowboy, even if the Cowboys guest in Washington, he is still turning back Support the team. Wall this time that his position also led to dissatisfaction with many Wizards fans, after all, the Redskins and Cowboys has been a sworn enemy, Wal-Mart now supports the cowboys in the site of Washington, which is open with the city For the enemy. Coincidentally, another Wizards Gemini – Bradley – Bill is also a supporter of the Cowboys, he also posted on their social networking sites Cowboy Star Alite post moves photos, the The support, Bill and Elliott grew up in St. Louis grew up, and now the Cowboys came to Washington, Bill, Bill will naturally say something.