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December 12, 2013, Intel officially released the official press release said, Intel and Barcelona football club reached a sponsorship agreement. Intel will be the official technical partner of FC Barcelona. At the same time Intel Inside logo will be printed in the Barcelona Football Club shirt inside the first partner logo. December 14th Spanish League game, the Barcelona football club players will be the first to wear a new shirt against Villarreal team. The first step in Intel’s official press release is to provide the latest technology for the La Masia Youth Camp students to offer the latest 2-in-1 products powered by Intel technology for Barcelona FC players and coaches to help them improve their research and training Armed with the new technology, the Nou Camp stadium, to enhance the fans of the viewing experience, and many other events sponsored by the project, Barcelona FC Barcelona (FC Barcelona) jersey sponsor “advertising” are also high cost. wholesale nfl jerseys,As a general sponsor, of course, hope that the location of their own LOGO, the more glorious the better. However, there is such a sponsor, its taste “very special”, and choose to print their own LOGO to the inside of the shirt. Yes, it is – Intel! Canton Fair turnover this year, the first decline in nearly three years, for three consecutive years, “Boli” so that some exhibitors difficult situation. Exhibitors said the European and American markets continued to weaken, the trade surplus continued to narrow the trend of growth, such a situation is not surprising, the transition is the direction of nearly two years, the company has opened a domestic production line, specifically for network distribution And wholesale. Hai Ze source on the Garment Co., Ltd. is such a foreign trade from domestic trade just two months, sales have broken from a single hundred single-power distribution business of the enterprise. According to reports, 2K Sports announced today that players who book “NBA 2K11” at GameStop prior to Oct. 4 will receive an exclusive Jordan Bulls “virtual” jersey for free. It should be stressed that the free virtual jersey only in the “NBA 2K11” book during the gift, will not be available after the sale. Subscribers can download the jersey from the Microsoft Xbox Live or Sony PlayStation Home online community, Xbox 360 users will receive the Jordan Red Bulls jersey, PS users will receive the white Bulls jersey. Specific time as of the United States Central Daylight Time on October 4 11 am, “NBA 2K11” will be October 5 landing the major gaming platforms, it is in the GameStop booking price of 59.99 US dollars.

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